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Save up to 40% off your dental fees at
1,500+ approved dentists across Australia.

Dental Fees, Costs, Prices

Smile's reduced dental fees apply to all dental services and treatment at every visit with a Smile approved dentist.

By joining Smile for just $77 a year, you will save up to 40% off your dental fees with a guaranteed minimum saving of 15% off all dental treatment performed by any Smile approved dentist throughout Australia.

You can also receive any dental treatment immediately as there are no waiting periods, benefit limits, treatment exclusions or pre-existing condition exclusions.

There are several reasons that Smile dental fees are much less than usual dental fees.

Firstly, Smile refers thousands of members to Smile approved dentists therefore Smile approved dentists save money on advertising to attract patients which means they can pass on savings to Smile members.

Secondly, dentists sometimes have cancellations and appointment slots that do not get filled by patients. It is therefore better that Smile approved dentists have Smile members fill those slots even though it is for lesser fees.

Thirdly, Smile approved dentists realise that high dental fees are detracting people from visiting dentists.

Smile approved dentists therefore feel it is prudent to partner with Smile and assist people with the cost of their treatment.

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