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Privacy Policy

The relationship Smile has with its members is of utmost importance. We are committed to building a mutually beneficial relationship with our members. Hence we are concerned about protecting the privacy of our members.

1. Privacy Act 1988

  1. Smile is guided by the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 and other laws governing in this area.
  2. Smile has access to personal information as a result of normal business activities.
  3. The personal information is to assist members to receive affordable dental services.
  4. Personal information also pertains to dealings with employees, suppliers, third party contractors and prospective employees.
  5. Information is communicated to Smile via plan applications, queries, promotions and surveys.

2. Personal Information

  1. Smile collects names, dentist details, and dealings with members and potential members of Smile to administer services with
  2. Smile collects names, business contact details and professional details with people servicing Smile to market our services to members and dentists.
  3. Smile collects personal information about applicants for employment with Smile to make informed decisions about hiring the appropriate staff for

3. Our Responsibility

  1. Smile is responsible for the security of personal information it maintains.
  2. Physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards are in place to protect personal information.
  3. Account information is password-protected and Smile uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect data transmissions.
  4. Personal information collected at this site is private and confidential as a general rule.
  5. There are however exceptions to the rule.
    1. Access to the personal information about members is restricted to Smile employees who require that information to provide services to members.
    2. Smile may make available personal information to a related company for the same purposes the information was entrusted with
    3. Personal Information may be made available in order to affect the transfer of the company as this would be necessary to ensure the continuity of service.
    4. Companies servicing Smile may also have access to personal information held by
    5. Companies servicing Smile are required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and other relevant privacy laws.

4. Cookies

  1. Smile may set and access Smile cookies on your computer.
  2. Web beacons are used to access Smile cookies inside and outside of the site and in connection with Smile services.

5. Security

  1. Secured Socket Layer, SSL, is an advanced security protocol designed to enable Smile to pass sensitive information securely between your browser and’s servers in an encrypted format.
  2. This advanced encryption technology protects any information that you send to
  3. Information transmitted over the internet in relation to Smile can not be intercepted by another party.
  4. These safety measures guarantee the utmost protection of your personal and financial information.

6. Accessing Personal Information

  1. You can access your personal information by sending us an email. To do this, simply click on Contact Us.
  2. The information given will be to the extent you are entitled under the Privacy Act 1988.
  3. Smile is happy to assist you in relation to the handling of personal information.