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Smile was founded because we believe dentists have the responsibility of achieving great oral health for people that contributes to the enjoyment of life. We believe that dentists have the responsibility of achieving beautiful smiles and good breath which elevates our self-esteem, confidence and spirit. We believe that dentists shoulder the responsibility of assisting with the prevention of serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, premature birth and Alzheimer's.

Smile believes that dentists have a challenging role of mastering their professional expertise and mastering their business expertise. We believe that dentists have their dreams, families and mortgages too. We believe dentists deserve to be well remunerated. We also believe that we are all connected. If there is a person in Australia that can’t afford or access oral health care then this matters to us even if these people aren’t our friends and family. We believe we are a group of smaller families that make up a larger family, Australia.

Smile believes the days of dentists relying on a telephone book advertisement, word-of-mouth and sheer luck are over. Dentists can’t face 21st century challenges with 20th century solutions. We believe it is time dentists cease thinking 'I' and to begin thinking 'We'. Now is the time for Smile, partner health funds and partner dentists to work together and leverage our collective strengths. We believe that we will rise together and whilst our stories are singular that our future is shared.

Smile believes together we must focus on the big picture. An effective partnership between Smile, partner health funds and partner dentists achieves an incredible strategic advantage for partner dentists. The partnership achieves new insured and uninsured patients for partner dentists, retains existing patients, gives partner dentists a point of difference, increases practice value, allows practices to add associate dentists and achieves effective partnerships with health funds. These are just a handful of reasons over 1,500 dentists have already partnered with Smile and nearly 1,900 dentists are on a waiting list to partner with Smile. So if Smile’s beliefs resonate with you then now is the time to partner with Smile.

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