Australia's first dental plan.

Got Health Insurance?

Benefit Twice with Smile & Health Insurance

Smile for the Insured

If you have Smile and health insurance, you will benefit twice.  By joining Smile, you will save up to 40% off your dental fees with a guaranteed minimum saving of 15% off all dental treatments performed by any Smile approved dentist throughout Australia.  This means you will reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses and receive more treatment within your benefit limits.

Health insurance members who join Smile receive reduced treatment fees on all treatment immediately even if health insurance waiting periods have not been met, health insurance benefit limits have been reached, health insurance treatment exclusions or pre-existing condition exclusions apply or if a treatment is not covered by your level of insurance cover with your health insurance. 

Smile is Australia’s First Dental Plan. Whilst the dental plan concept is new to Australia, dental plans have existed overseas for decades. There are over 100 million members in the United States alone. To learn how you benefit with Smile and your insurance, simply click on your health fund below