Australia's first dental plan.


Members receive up to 40% off dental fees with a guaranteed minimum of 15% off all treatment performed by a Smile approved dentist. There’s no waiting periods, no treatment exclusions, no benefit limits, and no pre-existing condition exclusions. Coverage is under $100 a year.

Join Smile, visit a Smile approved dentist, present your Smile Card or Smile Temporary Card to reception, and benefit immediately.

Members save of up to 40% off dental fees with a guaranteed minimum saving of 15% which means they're saving hundreds and thousands of dollars on the treatment they receive.

Yes. Here's what you do.

  1. Join Smile by clicking on Join Now.
  2. Make an appointment at any Smile approved dentist.
  3. Present your Smile Temporary Card to reception upon arrival at your appointment. You can present a print out or via your smartphone
  4. When you receive your Smile Card, then present your Smile Card.

Call us on

1300 238 648

Speak with the Smile team to learn more about Smile and how to become a member. Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm.

Smile is an online organisation so it has done away with many of the operating expenses of traditional companies. This allows us to keep the plan fee affordable.

Smile makes money from plan fees. Smile does not receive any monetary incentive, commission or other kind of financial gain from the dental treatment you receive.

It takes 2 - 3 weeks for your Smile Card/s to reach you depending on where you reside.

A 'Couple' plan is two individuals including two same sex individuals in a relationship living at the same residential address.

A 'Family' plan is two individuals including two same sex individuals in a relationship inclusive of dependents up to the age of 24 living at the same residential address.

A 'Single Parent' plan is an individual with dependents up to the age of 24 living at the same residential address.

Dependents are children under 24 living at the same address and also adults with any disabilities of any age living at the same residential address.

Call our member team on 1300 238 648 and they will be able to assist you.

  • Smile refers thousands of members to approved dentists throughout Australia. Approved dentists therefore save money on advertising to attract patients. They can then pass on savings to members.
  • Dentists sometimes have cancellations and appointment slots that do not get filled by patients. It is therefore better that the approved dentists have members fill those slots even though it is for lesser fees.
  • Approved dentists realise that high dental fees are detracting people from visiting dentists. They therefore feel it is prudent to participate with Smile and assist people with the cost of their treatment.

Yes. You will be treated the same as a full fee paying patient.

Yes. Simply visit a Smile approved dentist to obtain a quote. If you already have the dental item numbers you require, you can call Smile for a quote on 1300 238 648.

Members save hundreds and thousands of dollars on cosmetic dentistry.

Smile's mission is to make quality dental care more affordable and improve the health for the people of Australia. It's not our goal to provide the cheapest dental treatment as we believe this would potentially be detrimental to your health. If you have found cheaper dental fees, it's possible that this dentist is cutting corners that could harm you and cost you more money in the long term.

Below are just some of the reasons they may be cheap. This dentist may:

  • Use cheap and inferior materials that may have been imported
  • Use old methodology, equipment, and technology
  • Employ dental support staff who are not qualified
  • Work from premises that are not professional
  • Fail to implement adequate hygiene and infection controls
  • Charge little for consultations and x-rays then charge a lot for treatment

Smile dental fees are the lowest that should be charged to ensure members receive a high level of patient care and affordability. You only have one smile and one set of teeth.

No. Smile recommends spreading treatment over time to make it easier for you.

No. Members receive great dental care and reduced dental fees. There's no waiting periods, no treatment exclusions, no benefit limits. Joining is also under $100 a year.

Yes. People with health insurance can also be members of Smile.

Yes. You can be a member of Smile without having insurance.

Smile covers all dental treatment performed by Smile approved dentists.

No. A general anaesthetic requires a medical specialist so this is not covered. Smile covers local anaesthetic.

Yes. Smile covers all treatment performed by Smile approved dentists.

Yes. Smile coverage continues to ensure members are always covered.

Keep your credit card details up-to-date with Smile to receive continuous coverage.

Yes. You're able to cancel your continuous coverage at any time.

Contact Smile by phone on 1300 238 648 from Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm AEST.

Smile is consistently adding new locations throughout the country.

Yes. Smile is currently trialling orthodontists and is looking forward to adding more specialists to the Smile network. Many of our general dentists can perform specialist treatment such as endodontic, orthodontic, oral surgery, and prosthodontic work which means as a member of Smile that you will receive the benefits of Smile with these Smile approved dentists. Call our member team to confirm on 1300 238 648.

Yes. You can also collect recent x-rays taken by the original dentist and bring the x-rays and any recommendations made by the original dentist with you to a Smile approved dentist.

Yes. Simply click on Join Now.

Yes. Anyone throughout Australia and the world is eligible to Join and benefit.