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Cosmetic Dentistry: Treatment & Costs

A confident smile is important for us all and cosmetic dentistry can address aesthetic issues that make us self-conscious like stained, chipped and gapped teeth.

With cosmetic dentistry, even the smallest changes can give your smile a whole new look and increase your confidence.

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What is cosmetic dentistry?

With cosmetic dentistry becoming increasingly popular, more and more patients are achieving the smile they always wanted thanks to a range of cosmetic dentistry treatment options. Cosmetic dentists are helping patients improve their smile and their overall appearance.

It's important you choose a dentist with training and experience in cosmetic dentistry to perform any treatments. approved dentists are general and cosmetic dentists who are well trained in cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentists perform treatments to:

  • Remove stains and lighten teeth
  • Straighten teeth
  • Reshape teeth.

Some specific treatments performed by cosmetic dentists include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Tooth-coloured fillings.

Your approved dentist can help find the right cosmetic treatment for you.

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Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Darwin, you’ll find a approved cosmetic dentist conveniently located near you. As has over 1,500 approved dentists across Australia you can choose a approved dentist who can assist you with your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Types of cosmetic dentistry treatments

Chips, cracks, stains and gaps are just some of the cosmetic concerns that can damage your confidence. There are also many different cosmetic dentistry treatments available, addressing all kinds of concerns to ensure that you can improve your smile.


Dental bonding is great for fixing small imperfections on a tooth. It is mostly used to fill gaps, restore chips and cover stains. A thin coating of composite resin is placed on the tooth and shaped and coloured to suit the patient. This quick and simple procedure is perfect for patients who have minor imperfections on their tooth/teeth and wish to improve the appearance.


Perfect for restoring chips and cracks or helping patients with naturally yellow or grey teeth to achieve a white smile, dental veneers are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatment. A thin, custom made covering is placed over the tooth and shaped and coloured to best suit the patient's natural smile. Veneers not only improve the appearance of teeth; they also help to make them stronger and better protected.


Filling the gap left behind by a missing tooth is simple with dental bridges. A dental bridge is a prosthetic device placed on existing teeth to bridge any gaps and create a beautiful smile. The three main types of dental bridges include traditional, cantilever and resin bonded or Maryland bridges. Your approved dentist can help you choose which option is best for you.

Crowns/Tooth Caps

From chipped, cracked and worn down teeth to misshaped and discoloured teeth, dental crowns or tooth caps can generally restore your smile in just two visits to your approved dentist. This simple procedure is ideal for patients looking to restore their tooth's shape, size and strength. Crowns are available in several materials including metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin and ceramic depending on your needs and budget.

Teeth Whitening

Over the counter whitening treatments can be dangerous and it may take months to see results. Professional in practice teeth whitening gives you faster and dramatically better results. This safe and proven method is great for patients who are looking to noticeably brighten their smile. Whether your teeth have lost their shine due to too many coffees or glasses of red, approved dentists can offer in practice and take home whitening products to whiten your teeth safely with the fastest and best results possible.

White Tooth Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatments but patients are often self-conscious about their fillings being noticed when they smile, laugh and talk. White tooth fillings are used to eliminate this issue. Designed to match the colour of the natural tooth, these fillings help to restore the tooth while blending in as much as possible.

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How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

The price of cosmetic dentistry will depend on the specific cosmetic dentistry treatment you are receiving. Some treatments are more expensive than others. Other factors that influence the cost of your treatment might include your state, the materials used throughout your treatment, and the severity of your dental concern (e.g. larger chips may cost more to restore than smaller chips). members save 15% to 40% off all dental treatment, every time they visit a approved dentist. Plus there's no benefit limits, no waiting periods, no treatment exclusions and no claiming rebates. Join for under $100 per year and start saving immediately. 

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Is cosmetic dental work covered by insurance?

Some cosmetic dentistry treatments are covered by insurance. This will depend on your individual circumstances, which insurance provider you are with and the policy they offer. It is best to confirm with your insurance provider what your policy covers.

Smile assists both patients with and without insurance to save on all dental treatments at Smile approved practices. You can read more about Smile member savings and benefits here.

Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry treatment?

Your Smile approved dentist will be able to examine your individual circumstances and determine whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for cosmetic dentistry treatment. Appropriate candidates generally:

  • Have good oral health
  • Are in good physical health
  • Want to improve their appearance
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are aware of the procedure's outcome.

This is only a partial list and your suitability will depend on your individual situation. Our Smile approved dentists are experts at determining which treatment is right for you to help you achieve your desired results.

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What are the benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

With today's advancements in dentistry, patients can look forward to impressive results and benefits from a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments available. Some benefits include:

  • A whiter smile
  • Straighter, more symmetrical and more proportionate teeth
  • Stronger teeth
  • Improved oral health
  • Improved confidence.

With cosmetic dentistry becoming more accessible and common than ever, more and more people are achieving their perfect smile with help from our Smile approved dentists.

What is the most common cosmetic dentistry treatment?

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dentistry treatment. A safe and proven way to whiten your teeth, makes this treatment the most popular cosmetic treatment. A white smile can make you appear more attractive and mature patients find it makes them appear younger. Safe and simple, professional teeth whitening can be the best way to improve your appearance and confidence.

In Practice Whitening Products

Your professional Smile approve dentist can apply in practice whitening products for fast results. Containing a higher percentage of peroxide, this gel like substance is applied to the teeth, often activated by heat, light or laser. This option is great for immediate results and is best suited to patients without sensitive teeth.

Take Home Whitening Products

The most popular teeth whitening method, take home products are supervised by your Smile approved dentist to ensure you are using the products safely and correctly. Containing a lower percentage of peroxide than in practice products, they are often worn in a tray either overnight or during the day at home.

Your Smile approved dentist will make a customised mould of your teeth to create your tray. This ensures the whitening product sits against the teeth with minimum contact with the gums. You can expect to see results in around 7-14 days with this option.

Teeth Whitening

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