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Dr. Joanne Berry - LifeCare Dental (Perth)

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Dr. Joanne Berry

Associate at LifeCare Dental (Perth)

Dr Joanne Berry attended Perth College Anglican School for Girls and has worked at LifeCare Dental since 2000. Originally Joanne thought she would become a forensic scientist and studied broad based science at the University of Western Australia, majoring in Microbiology and Anatomy and Human Biology. She then went on to complete her honours researching the role of a death gene in breast cancer before realising that her passion lay within dentistry.

Joanne wanted to be sure that another five years of study would land her in her dream job so she began her career at LifeCare as a Dental Nurse and continued in this role until she qualified as a Dentist in 2007. Joanne believes that dentistry is a creative mixture of art and science and the stimulation of not knowing how her day will progress or who she will meet is what she loves about her job.

When Joanne isn’t working she is usually travelling, be it for enjoyment, to experience other cultures or to attend a dental conference of some sort. She loves to eat and although she doesn’t rate herself as much of a cook she does enjoy going out for a nice meal and wine. Fitness is an integral part of Joanne’s work/life balance and her love of food necessitates her gym habit. She likes to run along the river and beach and enjoys a good fitness class at the gym, but most of all loves to go horse-riding.

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