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Dr. Rene Bazin - Toothkind (Beerwah)

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Dr. Rene Bazin

Associate at Toothkind (Beerwah)

Following his graduation from Birmingham University in 1979, Rene Bazin began work for the school dental service. From there, Rene worked as a general practise associate in Leicestershire, England. Rene went on to own a number of practices in the United Kingdom and was awarded the Investors in People award in 1998.

Rene worked in a specialist orthodontic practice prior to being appointed the clinical director of Oasis Dentalcare, the United Kingdom's largest corporate, in 2001.

Having practised in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast over the past decade, Rene continues to develop professionally by attending general and specialist dentistry courses including TMJ, advanced crown and bridge, orthodontics and endodontics.

Rene was recently awarded Myobrace certification. As the head of orthodontics at Toothkind, Rene treats children and adults through the use of Myobrace. This is able to assist with alignment issues during development, assisting to make treatment more simple and inexpensive.

Outside of work Rene enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife and their dog, Molly. Rene has three adult children and has recently become a grandfather.

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