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Dr. Hossam Ismail - Nicholson Road Dental Centre - Vostan Road

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Dr. Hossam Ismail

Principal at Nicholson Road Dental Centre - Vostan Road

Dr. Ismail is the principal dentist at Nicholson Road Dental Centre and is always there to take care of your smile and give you beautiful teeth.

He has more than 25 years in clinical and academic dentistry and he was a former staff member at Ohio State University School of Dentistry and acting head in one of the dental clinics in Perth within the Department of Health.

Dr. Ismail's main interest is removing wisdom teeth and dento-alveolar surgery. He can also correct the crooked teeth with invisible braces (Invisalign).

In his spare time, Dr. Ismail enjoys wind surfing & is also a keen swimmer.

U5 / 11 Vostan Road
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