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Are you an overseas visitor?

Save up to 40% off your dental fees at 1,500+ approved dentists across Australia

Smile for Overseas Visitors

If you are a visitor to Australia, you can join and benefit significantly too. By joining Smile, you will save up to 40% off your dental fees with a guaranteed minimum saving of 15% off all dental treatment performed by any Smile approved dentist throughout Australia. You can also receive any dental treatment immediately. There’s no waiting periods, benefit limits, treatment exclusions and pre-existing condition exclusions. Simply follow the instructions below to join Smile from just $77 a year and benefit immediately.

7 Reasons to Smile

Significant Savings

Save a guaranteed minimum of 15% and up to 40% off dental treatment.

Benefit Instantly

There's no waiting periods. Join today & begin benefitting today.

Unlimited Use

There's no benefit limits. Receive as much treatment as you wish.

All Treatment

All dental treatment performed by approved dentists is covered.

Under $100 a Year

Joining is just $77 to $97 a year for singles, couples, & families.

Continuous Coverage

Renews each year so you receive continuous coverage.

1,500+ Dentists

Visit & benefit at 1500+ approved dentists across Australia.

You can join online or over the phone in 2 minutes from just $77 a year.

With 1,500+ approved dentists across Australia you'll be sure to find one near you.

Visit an approved dentist and save up to 40% off your dental fees with Smile today.