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Creative Dentistry

83 Ranglan Street
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About Creative Dentistry

Creative Dentistry is a family owned dental practice in Melbourne, run by Dr. Oliver. He is a dentist with over 40 years of experience. We service patients across all of Melbourne, Albert Park, Southbank, Port Melbourne, Docklands and St Kilda. Our aim is to educate the patient to understand their mouths and explain how problems arise and how they can be solved. We must look after both our teeth and our gums on a daily basis, to ensure they stay strong and healthy.

When visiting Creative Dentistry, you can expect to feel welcome in our relaxed and comfortable environment. Our dentists in Port Melbourne treat each patient with the utmost respect and compassion. We understand that a trip to the dentist isn't everyone's favourite activity, and are well prepared to work with patients who may be nervous about their visits. Where appropriate, we can provide sedation and general anaesthetics to soothe patients during treatment.

It is our passion to deliver the best visual and functional outcomes to all patients, regardless of age, and to give them confidence in their teeth and overall appearance. All our treatment plans are tailored to suit your individual needs, and Dr Oliver is available for emergency services out of hours. Take advantage for each patient to be aware of personal knowledge to their mouth, having options/treatments explained with quotes and being in a relaxed environment. Be proud of your smile!

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