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With more than 1,500 approved dentists across Australia, Smile makes finding quality dental care easy. We've made your search quick and easy with our handy locator. All you have to do is select the icon for a dental clinic you may be interested in and you can view more details from there, including contact details so you can make your appointment. Before your appointment join Smile online or by calling 1300 238 648 today to save on your dental treatment.

With Smile approved dentists across Adelaide and throughout Australia you can enjoy our many benefits no matter where you're located or visiting.

Joining Smile gives you a whole host of advantages when you choose to make an appointment at one of our Smile approved dentists:

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  • Benefit twice - if you are privately insured, you can enjoy benefits from both your private health insurance as well as Smile.

Joining Smile is quick, easy and never a hassle. Call us on 1300 238 648 and let one of our friendly consultants help you join. Alternatively, join online today and search for dentists in Adelaide to get started on your journey to having healthy teeth and attractive smile. It's easy to smile when you choose a Smile dental plan!

Regular dental treatments and check-ups are essential to good oral and general health. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent infections, cavities and chronic disease. Whether you need general or cosmetic dentists in Adelaide, Smile is here for you when it comes to all procedures performed by a Smile approved dentist, including:

These common dental treatments and other uncommon dental treatments are all included under our Smile plan. Whether you have private health cover or not everyone can benefit from joining Smile.

Do you want a smile that stops people in their tracks? Of course you do! Dental treatments and check-ups can be expensive. At Smile, we’re committed to making quality dental care affordable and accessible. As Australia’s first dental plan, when you join Smile you receive savings for all treatment and procedures performed by Smile approved dentists in Adelaide and across Australia, giving you the results without the worry.