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Why does,.au require my regular fees?

This will ensure a successful and ongoing partnership with Smile that is very simple for your team.

Previously, contacted practices for bi-annual fee checks where regular practice fees and Smile Fees were provided and checked.  

Smile has discovered that various practices have been applying the Smile fees incorrectly and damaging their practice's reputation.  Consistent feedback shared by practices was that it would make it very simple if they provided their full set of regular fees to, for to calculate the correct Smile Fees to charge for every item number, and provide this to them as in the form of a customised Smile Price List.  This would require no extra thought, calculations or work for the Practice Team. Simple!

The cost of errors

Failing to charge members correctly presents many issues for your practice that carry great costs.  Hence it’s very important to apply Smile fees correctly.  Below are the costs of not applying the fees correctly:

  1. Wastes time as your practice must resolve the error with the member and/or health fund partner.
  2. Members are not likely to return or refer their friends and family to the practice.
  3. and health fund partners are less likely to continue sending members to your practice.
  4. The practice is removed from’s and health fund partner marketing channels until confidence has been restored.
  5. and health fund partner contact centres are advised not to recommend your practice to members until confidence has been restored.
  6. Wastes’s time to oversee the resolution of this error.
  7. As does not charge practices for sending your practice members, a partnership with a practice who makes errors may no longer be possible because it is not financially viable.
  8. Errors adversely impact the reputation of, practice partners and health fund partners.
  9. The practice can be replaced and members are directed to an alternative practice in the area.

How else will use my provided fees? is very serious about our partnership.  Hence, the practice’s regular fees are kept strictly confidential.  And the privacy of the practice’s regular fees is covered in the Smile Provider Agreement.  As well as creating a Smile Price List for your practice, will also utilise the fees in two ways that will support your practice:

  1. will use the fees provided by your practice to assist in saving time when an incorrect fee may have been flagged in our monitoring systems.  Rather than contacting your practice to enquire, can refer to the regular fees to know instantly without bothering your team.
  2. will use the fees provided by your practice to assist members to recognise the value of continuing to visit your practice as a member. 

    By having the practice’s regular fees and being assured that the Smile Fees are being applied correctly, can increase marketing and direct more members to your practice.

As continues to grow, we are inspired by supporting your practice to grow with us, receive more patients and support retention. Together, we can achieve tremendous success!

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