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Practice Software

Entering Smile Fees Correctly

To set up a new Smile Fee level in your practice software, the following information will make it easy for you.

You will need the current financial year’s Smile Fee Schedule to refer to. Contact us immediately if you require a copy.

Smile has worked with the wonderful teams at Dental4Windows, Praktika and PracticeWorks. They have kindly prepared step-by-step instructions to assist you in entering the Smile Fees into your practice software. Click the relevant software link below.

Dental 4 Windows Praktika PracticeWorks

For Other Practice Software

Please phone the company and/or follow the guidelines below.

  1. Copy your standard/private patient fee level containing all item numbers and prices into a new fee level called 'Smile and health fund partners'
  2. Reduce them all by 15%
  3. The Smile Fee Schedule has a Smile Fee column which lists the MAXIMUM price you can charge for the item numbers listed. If the fee showing in the new practice software Smile fee level is:

    a. HIGHER than the Maximum, manually edit and reduce the price to the maximum Smile Fee for that item number.
    b. EQUAL TO or LOWER than the maximum, no action required.

Please note: The Dental4Windows, Praktika, and Practice Works step-by-step instructions are up to date as of 30 June 2015. These may be updated by the software company. If you notice they need updating, please let us know. Questions about the practice software should be directed to your software company. If you have questions about applying the Smile Fee Schedule and Smile Dental Fee Rules correctly, please contact Smile on 1300 238 648.