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Peoplecare Pre-Launch Checklist

Due: 19 April, 2016

Smile is delighted to announce that Peoplecare (PC) will be partnering with Smile from May 3rd, 2016 and there are many more health fund partners just around the corner! From 3rd May, Peoplecare will be directing all of their members to Smile approved providers. To ensure your practice is ready to receive new patients, there is a checklist to complete. This is due:
Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

How Much Time To Set Aside?

    Practice Manager: 15-30min
    (It will take longer if there are issues to correct or previously uncompleted items. Rest assured, once corrected and completed, it will save time later.)

    Reception Team (and those who quote or charge): 2min

Who Should Complete This Checklist?

The Practice Manager or the person responsible for the day-to-day management of the practice.

Why Do We Need to Complete This Checklist?

Once you have completed this checklist:

  • Peoplecare and other health fund partners will be able to direct their members to and recommend your practice
  • Smile and Smile's health fund partner members will be able to find you
  • Errors that can lead to time wastage and practice replacement will be avoided
  • Your team will be confident and trained

Smile is Happy To Help!

If you need a hand with any step along the way, please email us [email protected] or give us a call on 1300 238 648.

Let's Get Started!

Once you have completed each item below, you will be asked to confirm completion of this list in the Smile online provider area. This is how we will know your practice is ready for this partnership. Please take care in completing each of these steps by 19 April, 2016.

  1. Peoplecare Stickers are placed on your Smile Guide/s:
  2. Smile posted your practice a letter announcing this partnership and enclosed were Peoplecare stickers. Place them on your laminated Smile Guide/s next to the Australian Unity logo as shown here.
    Let Smile know immediately via email should your practice not have received these stickers in the post by 12 April, 2016 or if you need a new Smile Guide posted.

    Image title

  3. The Smile Guide is easily visible at reception.
  4. As well as providing clear steps for assisting Smile members, this guide is also the only visual reminder of Smile's health fund partners. This will support your team assign the correct Fee Schedule to the patient and avoid errors.

  5. Approved providers and provider numbers listed with Smile are up to date.
  6. Dentists NOT approved by Smile can not see Smile members or members of health funds partnered with Smile.

    - Please check your providers are up to date with Smile so there are no confusions with appointment bookings or upset patients.

    - Please also ensure provider numbers showing are correct. If there is an error, health fund partner members will not receive their benefit in your practice.

    Log into your provider area from using the main reception email address and the password set previously (Click reset if you are not sure of the password.)>

    Click on the dentist tab >

    And add, edit or remove dentists.

  7. Smile Fees being charged are correct
  8. Congratulations to all those practices who have recently confirmed their Smile Fees are correct through the Smile Fee Checker. If your practice is one of the few yet to confirm this, Smile has made this easy for you.  Follow the steps below.

    Log into your provider area from using the main reception email address and the password set previously (Click reset if you are not sure of the password.)>
    Click on the 'Smile Fees' page >
    Click on 'Check my Fees' button and follow the process.

    You will receive a quick response with any errors to correct and an accurate price list for your practice.

  9. Smile Fees are assigned to Smile, Defence Health, Australian Unity, and now, Peoplecare members in your practice software to the best of your ability:
  10. All members of Smile's health fund partners are to receive the Smile Fees. Please use the functionality available in your practice software to make this so streamlined for your reception team that Smile members and Smile health fund partner members will always be charged the Smile Fees.

    1. Assign the Smile Fee Schedule to all Smile, Defence Health, Australian Unity and Peoplecare members OR
    2. Set a pop up note to appear for Smile, Defence Health, Australian Unity and Peoplecare  members OR
    3. Call your practice software company and ask them how best you can ensure that all current members are automatically assigned the Smile Fees.

    Failing to complete this step often result in errors which will lead to huge time wastage and replacement of your practice.
    If you do not have practice software, your team will need to be rigorously reminded of the partnerships to avoid errors.

  11. All team members involved in quoting or charging patients are trained in how to assist Peoplecare members by 19 April, 2016
  12. Training should take very little of your time. It can be as simple as two things:

    1. Draw their attention to the Smile Guide at reception with the sticker AND
    2. Perhaps a little sticky note on the Smile Guide noting the partnership with Peoplecare starts 3rd May.

    Prefer an over the phone training for your whole team? Click this link and book a time that suits your team

  13. AND FINALLY.... Confirm all items on this checklist have been carefully completed by 19 April, 2016.
  14. Completing this step will notify Smile that your practice is ready for the partnership.

    Log into your provider area from using the main reception email address and the password set previously (Click reset if you are not sure of the password.)>
    Go to 'Training' >
    Click on 'Smile & Peoplecare' and skip through the first page >
    You will see a checklist containing the items on this page.  Check the box of each item that has been completed.  You will see a big green tick on the next page!

  15. Congratulations! Your practice is now ready to receive Peoplecare patients!


Do you have Peoplecare patients who have started treatment on treatment plans BEFORE 19 April, 2016?

The agreed fees can be honoured and do not need to be changed to Smile Fees. To avoid these invoices being flagged as errors, please provide Smile with the following via email.

  1. Patient's name
  2. Date treatment on treatment plan started
  3. Estimated completion date

(Should you need to, contact your practice software to advise how to create a report of these patients)