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Congratulations & Welcome to Smile

New Practice Checklist

Smile would like to welcome you. Your application has been approved.

Congratulations!  It is an exciting time to be partnering with Smile.  Not only is Smile receiving an unprecedented amount of applications as Smile's exposure increases with national and local advertising campaigns, Smile has been approached by health funds to be their national preferred provider network.  These partnerships are being rolled out over the next 36 months.  Smile has over 700,000 members and it is forecasted to exceed 1 million in 2017! 

As you may know, Smile has been designed by dentists, for dentists, to achieve the strength, resources and capabilities of corporate owned practices.   Smile is very proud to welcome you aboard!

This is great news for your practice!

Smile Approved Providers who value this partnership:

- See an increase in patients;

- Have a significant opportunity to secure new patients as regulars (along with their family and friends);

- See an increase in retention;

- Secure the postion in their area as the recommended provider for Smile and all health fund partner members

- See an increase in the sale value of their practice

Action to take within 30 days of approval

While your practice is approved, Smile is NOT currently directing members your way.  Please set aside some dedicated time to carefully follow every step below.  This will prepare your practice to welcome new Smile and health fund partner members, support your practice make the most of the partnership, plus ensure your team avoid errors which can lead to termination of the agreement. On successful completion of all steps, Smile and health fund partners will begin directing patients to your practice.

Delays in completion can result in a replacement of your practice, so please do advise Smile should you require an extension.

You will need:

The following items have been posted to your practice in your Smile Welcome Pack.  Email Smile should you need any of these resources posted again. provider

  • A colour printed and laminated 'Guide to Assist Smile Approved Providers' to keep at reception. (A digital version can be downloaded here.)
  • Smile Welcome Stickers
  • Access to: the internet, your practice software, and your main contact email account, PLUS
  • A little bit of patience and understanding that the time spent now will support a partnership which benefits your practice.  Please set aside around 1 hour to ensure all steps are completed and your practice is ready to receive new patients.

Should you have any questions along the way, please phone Smile's provider team on 1300 238 648.


Smile works very hard to support the partnership with Smile Approved Providers.  For an effective partnership, it is important that you speak highly of Smile, and you and your team are aware of the simple responsibilities of a Smile Approved Provider.  Please also refer to your Smile Approved Provider Agreement.  

  1. Treat Smile and health fund partner members well 
  2. AND

  3. Charge them the correct Smile Fees

On a serious note, failure to quote or charge correctly can result in replacement of your practice.  Plenty of resources are available to support your team avoid errors.  Please never hesitate to ask our friendly Provider Team for assistance.


While the checklist below makes it very easy for you to ensure you are charging Smile Fees correctly, it is useful for you and your team to understand how the Smile Fees generally work.  All Smile members and health fund partner members are:

  1. Guaranteed a minimum of 15% off your standard/private patient fees on ALL items and any promotions
  2. AND

  3. Sometimes it may be more. There is a maximum fee you can charge for approximately 60 of the most common dental items as per Smile Fee Schedule.  


Please click below for a new practice checklist to complete carefully.  On completion of all items in the checklist below, remember to book your welcome call in Part 4.

  1. Set up your online user account with Smile.

    Go to > Log in (top right) > Provider Log in > Click ‘I don’t know my password’if you do not recall the password that was set up at the time you requested information.

    Follow the prompts and use the email address you provided as the main contact email address for the practice.

    Save these user account details somewhere safe.
  2. Request a Smile Price List from Smile

    While Smile provides a fee schedule every financial year showing the maximum Smile Fee for a small selection of item numbers, this does not indicate the correct Smile Fee to charge. Smile Fees to charge will depend on your regular practice fees. Smile makes it very simple for your whole team to charge the correct Smile Fees. Smile will create a customised price list for your practice showing the correct Smile Fee to charge for every single item number.


    > While logged into the Smile Provider Area, navigate to the 'Smile Fees'
    > Follow the steps in the blue box.

    Smile will be in touch with a price list for your practice.
  3. Assign all health fund partner patients the Smile Fees once set up in your practice software.

    a)Assign the Smile Fee Schedule to all Defence Health, Australian Unity and Peoplecare patients in your practice software AND/OR
    b)Set a pop up note to appear to remind your team AND/OR
    c)Call your practice software company and ask them how best you can ensure that all current members of partner health funds are automatically assigned the Smile Fees.

    Failing to complete this step often results in errors which can lead to huge time wastage and replacement of your practice.
  4. Review processes to ensure members always receive Smile Fees

    Please review your documented New Patient and Current Patient processes so it is clear to all team members that any member of Smile and partner health funds are charged Smile Prices.
  5. Place Smile Members Welcome stickers on your window and in the reception area

    Your posted Welcome Pack contained Smile Stickers. One is for your window, the other for your reception area. Please make sure these are visible. Members do look for them.

  6. Update practice details.

    Details of your practice appear on your website listing with Smile. Please ensure it contains the most up to date information.

    > While logged into the Smile Provider Area, navigate to the ‘Practice Details’ page. Update any details here and under ‘Trading Hours’ tab. Pay particular attention to treatments listed. It may be showing a default list.

    (No need to update dentists. They will not be visible at this time. These will be updated by Smile in the final step.)
  7. Place the Smile Logo on your website

    > While logged into the Smile Provider Area, navigate to the ‘Promotional Resources’ page.
    > Scroll down a little and copy the html code you will see under the heading ‘Smile Logo’. Provide this to your web developer to place on your website. Smile also has a service where we can add this for you. Please email your website log in details to provider

    (This is also a page where your practice can place brochure orders. Please do NOT do this at this time.)


This 30min session is the final step prior to 'go live'!   Choose a time where as many key team members can be on the call for the first 15min.   The Practice Manager will be required for the full session.

This very important session covers, amongst other things:

  1. How your practice can make the most of this partnership
  2. Your practice's responsibilities 
  3. How to assist Smile and health fund partner members correctly
  4. A little administration with the Practice Manager to ensure all items on the above checklist have been completed

 Follow the prompts here to book a session: