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About Always Smiles Dental

Always Smiles Dental at Canley Heights is not your typical dental surgery, our commitment and focus is to make everyone smile, and when we say everyone we mean everyone. Our dentists and staff are the friendliest, happiest and most patient people you can possibly meet, we are here because we care, it’s not just a job to us. We only employ happy friendly staff and we do everything we can to keep them happy because we know that happy staff mean happy patients. We know that there are many better places to be than at a dental surgery and understand that sometimes some patients can be nervous, scared or anxious. We believe that a lot of the time this fear or anxiety is unnecessary if the patient understands what is happening and how we can make things better, because most procedures we carry out are painless. At Always Smiles we take the time to explain everything and answer all of your questions and will go out of our way to ensure that patients are comfortable and happy. Our dentist and staff continually undergo further education and training ensuring that our knowledge and treatment is up to date and to ensure you benefit from the latest developments in dentistry. We are also aware that you may be in for a specific dental problem but we believe in establishing a long term relationship with you, by not only fixing the problem but also showing you how to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

All our staff at Always Smiles Dental focus on prevention, because as everyone knows prevention is always better than cure and we believe the more informed you are the better off you will be and the easier our jobs will be. Our ultra-modern dental surgery has the latest technology, we invest in the best equipment to ensure that the work carried out is of the highest standard. We believe that you can’t create good results without good equipment. The latest technology combined with the latest knowledge ensures that the dentist is able to achieve the best possible result for the patient. We have intraoral cameras that magnify and pick up things that the normal human eye cannot pick up, we have the latest in digital radiography that uses much less radiation than conventional X-rays with result available within seconds ensuring efficiency and your safety. We even have our own OPG machine which saves our patients time and allows us to give you a much more thorough examination ensuring you the best possible treatment and that we pick up many problems before they even arise. We aim to provide patients with a gentle, comfortable and relaxing dental experience.

From the moment you step through the doors of our ultra-modern surgery at Always Smiles Dental you will be met with a comfortable waiting room with plush chairs and a choice of the latest magazines and newspapers to keep you up to date on what’s happening. If reading is not your thing why not kick back relax and watch a bit of TV whilst you wait. We haven’t forgotten the kids either with iPads, Playstations and toys for them too, they will never want to leave. From the waiting room to the dental surgery, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our surgeries are also as comfortable and relaxing as possible, with the cosiest chairs you will ever sit in, we even use warm water and warm air in your mouth and have two television monitors to keep you entertained and informed. If you don’t feel like watching TV, how about relaxing to your favourite tunes whilst you have your treatment. Our philosophy is not to just treat the problem, we believe in looking at the big picture, we try to work out why the problem has occurred in the first place and try to help you understand the cause and prevent future problems.

We understand the importance of how a beautiful smile can affect a person’s confidence and outlook on life and that is what we hope to achieve for all our patients. We believe by keeping these promises Always Smiles Dental we will keep you always smiling.

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