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Dr. Robert McDonald - Calton Hill Dental

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Dr. Robert McDonald

Associate at Calton Hill Dental

After graduating from Sydney University in 1972, Dr Bob McDonald started his journey as a school dentist in rural NSW. As part of his work with the Royal Flying Doctors service, Bob later relocated to Broken Hill.

An adventurous man, Bob is always looking for a new challenge. Following his work with the Royal Flying Doctors service, he moved across the pond to start working with the NHS (National Health Service) in England. Bob enjoyed his time abroad so much that he decided to continue practising overseas - but this time in Berlin with the US Army. Later on, Bob would come back to Australia to start his own dental practice.

Bob first opened Calton Hill Dental in 2013 to provide quality dental care to the local community in Gympie. Following this, he opened a second practice dedicated to providing dental treatment for children. He is committed to providing patient-focused care and strongly believes in the value of preventative and corrective dentistry for children. With an emphasis on this, Bob approaches each treatment holistically and tailors treatment plans to individual needs and wants.

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