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Dr. Mayra Savati - Toothkind (Deagon)

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Dr. Mayra Savati

Associate at Toothkind (Deagon)

Mayra moved to the United Kingdom from her home in Brazil after graduating in 2008. It was here that she finished a Master Program in Dental Public Health at University College London, giving her expert insight into the importance of oral health to a person’s overall health and well-being.

Mayra is holistic in her approach to dentistry and enjoys developing a friendly and genuine relationship with each patient to assist them to achieve their perfect smile.

Mayra has since moved to Adelaide where she obtained an Advanced Diploma in Oral Health, focusing on Preventative Dentistry and Gum Disease Treatments. Mayra is also a member of the Australian Dental Council.

Mayra shares her time between working at Toothkind and supervising dentistry students at Griffith University.

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