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Dr. Anand Patel - Extreme Dentistry

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Dr. Anand Patel

Principal at Extreme Dentistry

“I want to practice LIFE CHANGING dentistry. In seeing me, patients will experience dentistry at its best and realise the ultimate goal of dentistry which is to prevent the deterioration of teeth and gums and restore health and function so that the cosmetics and function of your smile are maintained.I want people to learn to appreciate their teeth through my dentistry. I don’t want to go on patching up teeth and setting them up for failure eventually. I would rather take a fixed for life approach to treatment.I enjoy caring for mature age patients population to help replace missing teeth, fix up remaining teeth, get the oral health near perfect so that they are good to go for another 50 years of healthy living free of dental issues in later life.

Fix for life is a motto I live by. I like solid fool proof type of work so I know the problem is sorted for life. I enjoy working with patients who have a genuine desire to make an effort to learn how best to look after their oral health,” Dr Anand.

12 Orchard Road
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